Old Dominion Hotels, LLC

A Hospitality Consulting, Development and Asset Management Company

Gregg Morse is a 40 year hospitality professional with experience in independent properties as well as companies such as Hilton and DoubleTree.  He founded ODH as a hospitality asset management company in 2002.  In addition to other projects, ODH operates the vintage 1950's Montvallee Motel in Virginia’s Western Highlands.

Old Dominion Hotels (ODH) is a consulting, development,valuation and asset management company that exclusively works on projects for the lodging industry. Established in 2002, for over 12 years its professionals have provided the hotel industry with skilled real estate research, analysis, valuation and strategic advice.

Old Dominion Hotels is a

 Commonwealth of Virginia

Limited Liability Corporation

~ established 2002 ~
Gregg S. Morse, Managing Director

Main Office

Old Dominion Hotels, LLC

30 East Main Street

P.O.Box 99

Monterey, Virginia 24465

Gregg S. Morse

Managing Director

(540) 290-9859


Old Dominion Hotels Logo 30 East Main Street

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